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Welcome To Serendipity! 

We are a friendly and social guild focused on both PVP and PVE. If we are not bashing a boss and robbing their gear, then you can find us chillaxing on Mumble or beating some imps into place!.
Our current progress is:
10/10 Normal and 4/10 Hardmode
Most of us are from England and Sweden. Raid invites start at 7pm GMT.

What do we expect from you?
. 18+ .
. Mature .
. Dedicated .
. Friendly .
. Helpful .
. English speaking! .

What you can expect from us?
. Friendly and social guild with a great community .
. Help and advice on specs, loot, and PVP/PVE .
. Our own Mumble Server .
. Scheduled Raids .

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!
Guild News

Into The Eternity Vault Hardmode!

JenarRoux, Feb 4, 12 5:52 AM.
Hello there guys,

Last night we had a few new faces join our ranks and in true serendipity style we brought them straight into a raid, the guys decided to do eternity vault hardmode and from the sounds of mumble last night this went very well, I will update this once I found out exactly how well it went, but this message is mainly for the new guys welcome to our guild I hope you enjoy your time with us, as you can tell by now we do have a laugh or two but when it comes to epics we are very serious so enjoy and have fun!! Ok so having raided the Eternity vault on Saturday and Sunday we have made even more progression and have downed 4/5 bosses on Hardmode, SOA still evades our grasp but as we have had so much time to practice this fight he will be downed very shortly! keep up the good work guys. 

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